The competition is where we must work together to become part of something much bigger than ourselves alone.  It is where we put our skills to the test to see where our months or years of training have brought us--where we discern the exact front line of our horsearchery journey.   

Competitions happen during our 7-day Training Camps, often as the finale of an intense week of training.  Practice competitions happen during all training camps with the exception of beginner camps.

There are many types of horsearchery competitions in the world, but the most important of these at Seawinds Horse Archers is the Kassai style: 9 runs on a 99 meter track shooting as many arrows as you can into a central 90 cm target which rotates as the rider approaches and passes within 9 meters.  Points are earned by hitting the target (scored 4,3,2) and as seconds remaining on the 20s clock.  Perhaps fellow Austrian horsearcher Johannes Fischnaller says it best, "Horsearchery is the queen of martial arts and the Kassai competition is the queen´s crown. It is the most challenging and the most rewarding competition: the distance to the target, the number of arrows you shoot, the directions you shoot and the speed of the horse – all these things change while you walk the path. And the Kassai system in its examination aspect always accompanies you and tells you what to do next."

The Kassai competition and it's associated martial arts examination system have tracked and defined the progress of equestrian archers the world over for 27 years, all recorded in the World Federation of Equestrian Archery rankings database.

In 2021, Seawinds will host two official Kassai competitions during 7-day training camps.  The first camp runs from Monday July 26th to Sunday August 1st with the official competition starting on Saturday July 31st.  The second camp runs from Monday August 23rd to Sunday August 29th with the official competition starting on Saturday August 28th.

Entry in our official Kassai competitions is open to riders who have proven the potential to achieve at least 30 points.  First time competitors must reach this in practice during the training camp to enter.