2022 Training Camps

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2022 WFEA Training Camps


Training Camp Details

The set-up for our training camps make them highly accommodating for all of our archers and their diverse schedules.

Riders have the choice between late morning or early evening track time.
For those archers who are able to stay for the week and get an early start to the day we will start our training at 9am, starting on the ground, then hitting the track for 10:30am until 1:00pm.

For participants with work and school schedules that limit their attendance to later in the day, we will run the training camp with an option to receive the full camp training starting with arrival at 3:30 pm each day, with an archery training session till 5 pm, and a horses on the track training session starting at after supper 6 pm.

All camp participants will have the option to partake in all ground training.

The afternoon ground archery session will include a fitness circuit component that will accommodate all levels of fitness.
As many of you know already from our winter classes, the fitness of the archer will be a new component we will be adding into our training this year.

If you have any further questions please contact Lance
e-mail: or text: 902-670-0860

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Cost of training camp $600.00
Competitions to follow at a cost of $100 per competition day.
Grading opportunities available for an additional cost of $100 each.