One step in starting right with equestrian archery is sourcing bows and arrows appropriate for the sport.  Seawinds Horse Archers keeps an inventory of new bows and arrows for purchase.  The horsebows listed here are affordably priced, proven to shoot accurately, and extremely durable for the beginner horsearcher.  Dozens of arrows are kept on hand to match the bows in 31" and 33" shaft length (600 spine, 120 grain glue-in points) and available in a few feather colour options.


AF Archery Han Bow / Han long bow
Total length/(cm) :138 /143
String Length/(cm) :127/131
Max.draw length/(inch) :34 /35

Draw weight @28": 20, 25, or 30 lbs
Material:Fiberglass limbs, ash tips

Price: $120 Canadian +HST and local shipping 


Carbon arrows for horsebows
Shaft length inches:31" or 33"
Shaft spine:600
Tips: 120 grain glue-in bullet points

Feathers: 3 x 3" shield cut turkey feathers, set back 5 cm from the nock valley to support horsearchery draw styles.

Feather colour options: white, black, pink, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, natural brown

Price: $10 each or $100 per dozen plus HST and local shipping