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An Introduction to Horseback Archery

2-Hour workshop learning the bow and arrow shooting technique that works on the back of a cantering horse!

We are Lance Bishop and Sarah Clarke and we are two of Canada’s top ranked competitive horseback archers!   We love this ancient martial art and we want to share it with more people.  

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This Winter/Spring Seawinds is offering a 1-day workshop designed especially for complete beginners.  No prior archery or riding experience is required. 
We have scheduled these events to happen twice a week at the Seawinds primary training location, 8 Old Baxter's Mill Rd, Canning NS, Baxter's Harbour.

Workshops are held
Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm
and Sundays  from 10am to 12pm

Must register in advance.

This beginner workshop teaches the basic form for mounted archery which is unique among traditional archery styles.  The horseback archer must have a method that allows fast loading and shooting while keeping their eyes only on the target, and shoot arrow after arrow with balance and in the rhythm of the horse's canter.   We start this journey not on the horse, but on our feet until we are proficient with the bow to be safe on the horse.  The days curriculum gives a background context of historical aspects and the development of the modern day martial art and competition sport of horseback archery.  We will start to learn the unique and proven training drills meant to emulate  shooting from a cantering horse.    

This workshop is limited to 6 participants at this time to allow individual attention paced for every newcomer.  Age is not limited but an ability to stay focused through an active day of training is required
(recommended minimum age is 10). 

Cost $99+
hst  /Person for 1 or 2 booking at a time
Cost $89+hst /Person for 3 booking together
Cost $79+hst /Person for 4 or more booking at a time.
Payment due at time of registration by e-transfer sent to or through the website here.

The training space is inside in our  Horse Archery Dojo which is lightly heated but please dress warm and in layers.  
All archery equipment is provided for the workshop. 
Equipment is available for purchase after each workshop for those who decide to continue the exciting journey.

If the workshop is postponed due to weather or otherwise, registrants will be rescheduled or will receive a full refund. 
Please email any questions to  

Register HERE for an Intro Workshop date by following this link!

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