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Welcome to Seawinds Horse Archers Club

Archery from horseback was once the most formidable martial art on Earth.  Recently revived from antiquity by the Hungarian Master Lajos Kassai, it’s become one of the fastest growing equine sports.  In 2018 horsearchery reached Eastern Canada when Seawinds Horse Archers formed and successfully hosted our first competition!

Our mission is to safely introduce the beauty and excitement of horseback archery to more people in our region.  It's not only a sport, but one of the original martial arts that involves a close relationship with horses.  It is an activity through which people find a connection to nature through the horse, and a deeper understanding of our own primal nature as human beings with a tenacity to overcome impossible challenges.  Through horse archery we develop aspects of physical fitness including strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and flexibility.  We also strengthen our emotional aptitude to confront our fears.  In horse archery we can learn that discipline and hard work are part of every worthy achievement, and that by working together as a team can we achieve something greater than ourselves. 

We host training camps and competitions regularly through the Summer season and our local club members train weekly on the horses at Seawinds.  Clinics are also held at outside stables and in other provinces.

Our primary training location and tracks are on the shore of the Bay of Fundy at Wild Mountain Farm near Baxter's Harbour, Nova Scotia.  Seawinds Horse Archers is an affiliated member of the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery (CFMA), the national regulatory body for horseback archery in Canada.


Our Coach, Lance Bishop, is a CFMA-Certified Coach of Mounted Archery and International Judge with the World Federation of Equestrian Archery (WFEA).  Lance has been the top-scoring Canadian horse archer in many WFEA Kassai-style competitions since 2019 and has introduced the sport to many Canadians. Our riding coach, Sarah Clarke, is a licensed Equestrian Canada Western Level 1 Coach, as well as a competitive mounted archer herself, who has been bringing forward the important element of horsemanship to our club. Sarah Teaches along side Lance to work with our students teaching the riding style that works for mounted archery, as well as separate horsemanship and riding lessons specific to horse archery. Together Lance and Sarah bring balanced leadership to our club, and the results are evident in the progress of our students.

This site contains information about what we do at Seawinds Horse Archers and how to join in on the spectacular empowering journey of riding horses and shooting arrows.  

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Seawinds Horse Archers
8 Old Baxter Mill Road,
Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada  B0P 1H0


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