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Building a partnership with the horse based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding


Sarah Clarke is certified through Equestrian Canada as a Western Level 1 Coach, The top scoring female horse archer in the Canadian National Ranking System, and is devoted to sharing her love of horses using a system based on trust and understanding through natural horsemanship.


Seawinds BasicHorsemanship

This is an excellent foundational program for the horse archery student that is new to horses and trying to build confidence. We start with groundwork, learning about body language, boundaries, energies, alignment and how the horse moves. These same principles and skills are then applied to work in the saddle. This is a 6-session course at a cost of $250+tax
e-transfer can be made to
or paid through the website here.
Schedule your sessions here.


Seawinds Track Training

This is a 2-hour session is composed of time on the track that starts with a riding evaluation which we will then build from to create an individualized program that with a focus on developing the style of riding we use when we shoot our bows on the track. This is for current horse archer students who are ready to shoot from the canter.

$100+tax due at time of registration and can be paid via e-transfer to or through the website here. Schedule your session here.


If you are interested in horsemanship or riding lessons and don't see what your looking for on this page please e-mail
to discuss.

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