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Seawinds Horse Archers offers the opportunity for riders to be graded with the martial arts system of the World Federation of Equestrian Archery.

Grading examinations are based on tested performance on the Kassai style track following the procedures of a competition in the presence of WFEA International Judge, Lance Bishop.  The student must first pass the following Seawinds (subjective) qualification tests to begin grading:  


3 arrows shot in 6 seconds or less with eyes never moving from the target for each of the 4 foundation drills (side shots, forward-side-back shots, squat-rise-shoot shots, lying down shots)


50% accuracy success at 20 meters both fast and slow shooting as achieved with either 15 or more of 30 shots hitting a 60 cm round target, or as 60 points or more scored from 30 shots at a 90 cm Kassai style target (scored 4, 3, and 2 points on 30 cm, 60 cm, and 90 cm zones). 


Perfect executions of the Collective Form from the three shooting positions (forward, side, and backshots).  This form breaks the serial shot sequence into phases combined with breathing and matched to the rhythm of riding a cantering horse as per shooting an arrow every three canter strides.


Demonstration of the ability to perfectly follow the central target for the duration of the track at a canter with balance and flawless form.

Personal Challenge

Completion of a personal challenge of the student's choosing.  This challenge may relate to archery, riding, horsearchery, or physical fitness or some other aspect such as artistic expression, intellectual achievement, or lifestyle. 

Student grading examinations are based on the Kassai style competition starting at the achievement of 30 points (blue sash).  Each subsequent examination after the first grade of 30 points must be achieved in sequence (without skipping grades) at intervals of 30 points for each new grade (60, 90, 120 points and so on).  After the first grade, students must achieve the points associated with their next grade in official competitions twice prior to their grade examination for this level.  The complete array of grades, associated sash colours, and examination requirements are available on the WFEA website.

Grading examinations will be conducted during our 2022 Seawinds OKS Camps prior to and immediately after the OKS competitions of these camps.  The registration costs associated with grading examinations in 2022 is $99.99 total.  Grading examinations can be conducted at other times by private or group registration with Lance Bishop.  All grading applications must be submitted and paid for at least 2 weeks prior to the test.  Apply for your examination date here

Grading: Welcome
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