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OKS Competitions and WFEA Grading Opportunities


2024 WFEA Competitions at Seawinds Horse Archers Club

June 15th
August 24th






There are four different categories regarding the results of WFEA competitions.
All results equally take part in the “Overall” rankings
but all categories have their separate rankings as well.

When applying for a competition, the competitor must indicate in which category he/she wants to start in the given competition.

  • Kassai style: drawing the bow string with three fingers (index, middle, ring finger), loading the arrows from the bow hand.

  • Thumb draw: drawing the bow string including the thumb in the draw.

  • Quiver load: the arrows are loaded from the quiver attached to the archer, the arrow can run out either side of the bow and the drawing can be with any technique.

  • Fast horse: the archer can only shoot three arrows on the racetrack (any technique can be used).

Pre and post competition grading opportunities will be made available and are open for registration at anytime. Details on grading can be found here.

WFEA Training camps are available the weekend of competitions as well as additional training days available during the week prior. Details on competition training camps can be found here.

OKS Competitions June 10th and 11th

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