Come for a weekend, 5-days, or a week,
leave with memories for a lifetime....


Seawinds hosts several weekend, 5-day, and 7-day training camps throughout the summer.  Some camps are especially for beginner equestrians who require more basic riding experience and time in the saddle.  Some camps are designed for experiences riders who wish to try their new intuitive archery skills on our experienced archery horses for the first time, while others are more for riders who wish to bring their own horses to work with.  A few camps are reserved specifically for absolute beginners with no archery or riding experience. 

Students usually camp onsite, immersed fully in the setting of the forests, pastures, seaside, and horses--primal surroundings for a transformative training experience.  Being on the Bay of Fundy shore we have perfect summer temperatures when it's stupid hot elsewhere, and very few flies! 

A typical camp day starts with breakfast served at 7 am and our morning briefing at 8 am.  We saddle the horses and train on the track in the mornings and again in the late afternoons. If it does get too hot to train, we often just do some Whim Hoff breathing and jump in the salty ocean for an hour to revivalist our bodies and our souls--we're never too hot after that.  Sometimes the horses swim with us!  Interpretative nature hikes and trailrides to some of the local waterfalls are common and we daily send a contingent to the garden for our next meals.  Each night we gather at the fire to exchange our knowledge and share our stories from the day.  And there is always someone with talent to bless us with their songs!

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