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  • Fall/Winter Membership

    $25+HST membership for off season training only
    Valid for 6 months
    • Insurance Coverage
    • Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery Membership
  • Annual Membership Payment

    Every year
    Pay $50 plus HST once each year.
    • Early access to registration for training and competitions
    • Liability Insurance Coverage
    • Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery Membership
  • Event Membership

    Provides necessary liability insurance for one-time events.
    Valid for one month
    • Support a youth!

      Supports a youth by covering the cost of their membership.
      • Fall/Winter Training

        Every month
        Ground archery classes for beginner to experienced archers.
        • Upgrade to Annual Membership

          For those who purchased the fall/winter membership and want to upgrade to year round membership
          Valid for 6 months
          Membership: PaidPlans

          All Seawinds regular riders must also have current Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation Membership (or their provincial equivalent) in addition to Seawinds Membership to participate in training on horseback. 
          The NSEF membership provides our riders liability coverage associated with riding while our Seawinds Membership provides the additional liability insurance associated with the archery element of our activities. 
          Follow the button above to go to the NSEF Website.
          When asked for a referring members NSEF number, you may use Lance's member number 3114625.

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