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May through October

From May to October, Seawinds Riding and Non-riding Members gather to train at Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening classes at the Seawinds Training Centre.  Classes start at 6 pm or whatever time you can arrive, and run till dark, often followed by an evening campfire. 

Only 10 maximum riding members may attend in the same evening, and 20 archery only members, so members must still register for their class night (HERE).

New students wanting to start their archery training (must be on the ground first) are encouraged to register for the weekly classes, preferably starting during the first week of each month.

Email or send a text message (902-670-0860) with any questions.

Classes: Text
Classes: Welcome

November through April

The cooler weather of the Fall, Winter, and early Spring is a time for developing our archery skills on the ground! Seawinds runs six classes per week at three different indoor locations in the Annapolis Valley between late October to April (2 weekly class options at each of the 3 locations). 

The Fall-Winter-Spring classes focus on learning and perfecting the fast archery shooting technique that works for shooting on the back of a cantering horse, but this training is taught on the ground without horses. Classes are open both to completely new and more experienced Seawinds members, with each new session an opportunity to gain the foundations from the very beginning with leaning how to hold the bow with three arrows in the bow hand and load the arrow on the string without looking in the way that works on a bouncing horse. Seasoned members attend the same classes while focusing on more advanced drills.

The goal is to develop an intuitive capacity to shoot arrows quickly and accurately while keeping focus entirely on the target. As we progress, we learn dozens of the dynamic drills and forms meant to develop faster and faster shooting while the archer is moving. We monitor our personal development with speed and accuracy records, and learn how to create our personal training plans for continued development.

Prior experience with archery or horses is not required for these classes. We start from the beginning with the aim to advance each participant along a path appropriately but progressively paced for their ability. A level of physical fitness is required as the classes are active and physically challenging. Safety and situational awareness is part of the training but students must understand there is inherent risk involved. Students must bring appropriate athletic footwear (like runners or hiking boots) and clothing layers for the temperatures.  We usually do not wear gloves while shooting.    Limit of 18 students per class. 

Email or send a text message (902-670-0860) with any questions.

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