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Planning guide if you wish to book a horseback archery clinic at your location.


Seawinds Horse Archers Club started in Nova Scotia in 2018 with the mission to introduce the exciting sport of horseback archery to Eastern Canada.  The club is coached by Lance Bishop who serves as an International Competition Judge for the World Federation of Equestrian Archery and as the Coaching & Safety Lead for the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery.  Lance is recognised by the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery as a Level 3 Coach of Equestrian Archery (up to Advanced Students).  Lance’s training curriculum primarily reflects the teachings of the Hungarian Master Lajos Kassai, founder of the Kassai School of Equestrian Archery and the World Federation of Equestrian Archery.  Kassai is regarded as the father of  the modern sport.    

Clinics and Workshops are taught year round throughout the Maritimes and during the warmer months at the Seawinds training centre in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.   The first clinic at a new location lays the groundwork for the unique archery technique that works on the back of a horse (taught on the ground in the beginning) followed by the education needed for our horses to become brave and safe when we let go of the reins and starts shooting arrows.  Subsequent clinics build on this and work towards the goal of establishing training tracks locally to help make the horsearchery journey more accessible.  All archery equipment is provided during clinics and students are encouraged to bring their horses.  Clinics are insured through the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery with the stipulation that riding participants must also hold membership with their provincial Equestrian Canada association.



Clinic registrations are administrated either directly by a host stable or by Seawinds.  When administrated by Seawinds, the club simply pays the host for facilities rental (usually set by the host as a flat rate or according to number of participants and stall requirements) and accepts responsibility for the registration of participants. 
When administrated by the host, a clinician fee is simply paid to Seawinds at a value of $800 per day of instruction plus travel, plus accommodation where necessary, and the host takes responsibility for registration. 
In both scenarios, responsibility for marketing and promotion is shared by Seawinds and the host.            

Participant Costs, Numbers, 2023 Availability

Clinics can handle up to 20 participants and their horses for a weekend.  Typical registration fees for students range from $100 to $150 per day, as set by the administrator depending on expected participation. 
Facilities ideally maintain inside temperatures above 0 degrees C in winter and have walls that are not prone to damage from stray arrows.

To request a clinic contact by email, website chat, or text message (, 639-840-0241)


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