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2024 Seawinds Club Training Days

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This season we are offering something new for our members. Saturdays from May through October will be our Club Training Days.  This will replace our small group class trainings that were held during weekday evenings in previous years. This training plan will allow for our members who are not local to be able to participate in regular training days.  It will also give the chance for all of our members to get to know each other better than the usual week day class model which limits member interaction to your class alone and therefore will build more of a community within our club which is something we feel has been lacking.


Here's how the training days will work.  Our club currently has about 20 active riding members who are riding Seawinds horses, but we only have enough horses to ensure about half this many members a regular training session on the track in one day.  Therefore, students will be divided into two groups, Week1 and Week 2, to determines which weeks you will train on the track.  All riders who register for club training days are encouraged to join in every Saturday for the morning ground training from 10 am until noon followed by our potluck lunch, then riding members will alternate Saturdays for the afternoon track training. The designated Week 1 students will stay the first week. The following week, the designated Week 2 students will have their Saturday staying to ride in the afternoon. This will continue to alternate through the season.

Our WFEA competition days are June 15th and August 24th. June and August are months that have 5 Saturdays so the cost per month stays the same as there are still 4 training days even with competitions being held. 

If you are new this year and looking to work your way into track training, we can accommodate you in these training day plans as well. Still sign up as a rider and during the afternoon training session we will focus on horsemanship until you reach a stage of training where you are ready to get on the track.

We also offer weekly ground-only class subscriptions for those members who would like to continue to focus on ground training alone.

In the event that a Saturday is not good for training due to wet weather, we will plan for the next day on Sunday to be the make-up day.  If the Sunday is also wet weather and we cannot run the training for a week, we will simply refund the full value of that training day.

Training Day Schedule:

10 am arrival

10 to noon archery training on the ground

Noon till 1 pm sharing a potluck meal

1 pm to 2:30 pm up to 5 riders on the track, remaining riders ground support

3 pm till 4:30 pm up to 5 riders on the track, remaining riders ground support



$80 per month archery only members

$160 per month riding members ( this includes riding every other week, 2 weeks per month, and participation in ground archery which can be weekly)

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