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IHAA Competitions and Grading/Postal Opportunities

*The IHAA disciplines of tower 90 and raid 233 are part of the
C-MATS. Further details on the disciplines included in the Canadian Mounted Archery Tournament Series can by on the CFMA here :


Many Seawinds club members enjoy IHAA postals, competitions, and mark their achievements based on IHAA grading. The wide variety of participation options available through the IHAA will mean that there will be events available that will be accessible to all levels of horse archers. Even beginners in their first camps can be graded at walk or trot.

Through the IHAA we are excited to be able to offer many new variations in our competitions and are looking forward to implementing several new track designs.

Keep an eye on our Seawinds Facebook Page for updates throughout the season.

No Currently Scheduled Events.

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