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Ming Bow and Arrow Package

Ming Bow and Arrow Package


Bow Details

Total length/(cm) :146

String Length/(cm) :132
Max.draw length/(inch) :34
Material:  Ming ( Black )      :Glass Fiber,bamboo, ash wood 
Please send us a message to discuss appropriate draw weight.

Arrow Details:
Carbon arrows for horsebows
Shaft length: 27" to 34"Shaft
spine: 500 or 600
Tips: 100 grain glue-in bullet points
Feathers: 3 x 3" shield cut turkey feathers, set back 5 cm from the nock valley to support horsearchery draw styles.
Feather colour options in picture
Colour combinations (up to 3 colours) possible.
regular price $100 per dozen plus tax and shipping if applicable.

For any other specifications you may want that are not listed please contact us.
Please fill out our arrow order form along with payment. Order Form


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