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Take your skills to the next level with day-long training for members twice per month at Seawinds! 

Seawinds is trying something new by offering regular day-long intensive training events two Sundays every month for our more experienced and ambitious athletes.  The purpose of these days is to progressively advance our abilities in all the ways we can despite the Winter when we aren't on the track.  Planned to happen on alternate Sundays starting in December, this training will run from 9 am to 3 pm and cost $86.25 ($75 +HST) per day. 

Each day will finish off with an optional trail ride from 3-5 pm when ground and weather conditions allow for an additional $40 (paid only once we know the rides will be happening that day). 
Each training day is limited to 6 participants.        

We will train outside and inside our Seawinds Archery Dojo (the renovated barn). 
Dress in flexible layers suitable for the weather but which can be shed during the active training.

Please pack a lunch and water bottle, as well as any snacks you may want for the day.

Warrior Days are designed with two goals in mind:

Goal #1: Training with Discipline while Monitoring Athletic Development
At some point students of horseachery either decide to keep it as a super fun hobby or they decider to expand their skills to ever-higher levels.  Winter Warrior Days is meant for the latter!  This training starts by first adapting the concept of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) as a means to define goals, monitor progress, and track the development of the student throughout their journey.  The training then works along the guidelines of the ILP establishing benchmarks and meaningful development goals. 

Goal # 2: Adapting an elevated fitness routine to expand our physical and mental capacities for horseback archery  
We will work very hard and outside of our comfort zones through the Winter that we may greet the Spring with transformed versions of ourselves.  We will work to develop full body strength using muscle groups we use for horseback archery, working on balance, stability, flexibility, strength training, agility, and cardio: all vital components to becoming a better horseback archer.   We will train harder than before to be stronger, faster, more flexible, and with the better mind suited for the nature of horsearchery. 
We all start where we are at and we all finish each day where we finish, and the intent is not that we are elite or the better of the horsearchers, but that we are the ones who choose to work hard to be better than we were.

Warrior Days are scheduled for the following dates at the Seawinds Training Centre, 8 Old Baxter's Mill Rd:
Sunday 5 December 2021, Sunday 19 December 2021
Sunday 2 January 2022, Sunday 16 January 2022
Sunday 6 February 2022, Sunday 20 February 2022
Sunday 6 March 2022, Sunday 20 March 2022
Sunday 3 April 2022, Sunday 17 April 2022

To participate contact us through                              

or text: 902-670-0860 

Warrior Days!

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