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2023 WHAF World Cup Qualifiers 
5-8 July 2022
at Spur Valley Mounted Archery BC and Seawinds Horse Archers NS

We are honoured to announce that Seawinds Horse Archers along with Spur Valley Mounted Archery in British Columbia will be co-hosting the qualifying events this summer for the new and exciting World Cup of the World Horseback Archery Federation (WHAF).  These qualifier competitions will be happening across the world in 2022 and 2023 in 5 regions to select the countries that may send 5-member teams (3 athletes plus spare and coach) to the 1st WHAF World Cup, a worldwide WHAF championship set to occur every other year starting in Kazakhstan in 2023.  

Canada will host entrant rider teams from WHAF member countries in the Americas (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and USA).  The qualifier competitions will take place at our two locations simultaneously to accommodate travel convenience and the scale of the events, July 5th to 8th 2022.  Spur Valley Mounted Archery in BC is the track of Doug Goodwin (closest airport is Calgary, Alberta, YYC).  Our location is Canning, Nova Scotia at the track of Lance Bishop, Seawinds Horse Archers (closest international airport is Halifax, Nova Scotia YYZ).  Riders may express interest for participating at either location.


Entrants will compete in three WHAF disciplines on the 99 meter track: Serial Shoot, Individual Qabaq (with Kikac), and Kassai Style (OKS, rotating target, unlimited arrows).  These are diverse events that demand diverse horseback archery skill sets from the athletes.   A version of WHAF rulebook may be downloaded from this LINK but some rules have recently been updated, including a change to use the OKS competition instead of the Fast Horse version of this competition.

Local Canadian riders are invited to participate in the event but a group of three or four top riders from each participating Country will be selected to represent their nations for this qualifying event and the chance to compete at the World Cup in 2023 in Kazakhstan.   

Both hosts encourage onsite camping and some tents are available for travellers.  Participation is limited at each location by number of horses only. Note that at this date Canada currently still requires proof of vaccination for international airline travel.     

Expressions of interest are being collected through the following form: CLICK HERE

Contact Doug Goodwin in BC or Lance Bishop in NS with general questions.                      

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